Atardecer en Picos de Europa con la Torre del Friero en primer plano.
Barcelona, Spain - October 29, 2015: Boats in Barcelona Marina on a summer day
Portuguese cuisine.
Un profesional corta con cuchillo una pata de jamón ibérico

EL CHIGRE -1769-

“Chigre is a democratic institution that brings together poor and rich in friendly brotherhood. In a Chigre no one is more than anyone, all are regulars, neighbors or casual visitors and everybody gets together, regardless the group or caste they belong.”

We are a “Catarian” (Catalan & Asturian) Cider and Vermouth Bar with two lands, two languages and two kitchens with gastronomy as common line of communication, with one common goal: feast on! In El Chigre 1769 we want to save the catalan and asturian gastronomic pleasures to enjoy them in a warm and friendly atmosphere.


LOCATION: Barcelona
CONCEPT: Restaurant